Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Night I Followed the Dog by Nina Laden

I really enjoyed this book! It seems to be a theme, I know, but I don't think that I have picked a book yet that I didn't like. Just lucky I guess! Anywho, this book didn't feel as long as some of the others, mostly I think because the writing was so big and only on one side, while the pictures were all on the other. Aside from being super humorous, the text was written in a very imaginative way. Every now and again there would be a word that was written to express or represent the word. For example, the word 'limousine' was written inside a drawing of a limousine. Or the word 'cold' had icicles hanging off of it. This really made the book special, I have never actually seen a book that had something like that before. The illustrations on the opposite page are equally as interesting. They are very detailed and look handmade- which of course I love. The icing on this cake was the story itself. This little boy's seemingly boring dog has a secret night life as a club owner. Who among us hasn't wondered what our dogs do when we aren't around to watch them? I know I have.

I suppose it would be good to mention that this book seems to be another of those that shows how a "normal" life should look. Clearly this little boy lives in the suburbs with a nice fenced in backyard, grassy lawn and a news paper being delivered every morning. Since our discussion last week of what a child is, I just have to look at it and wonder about the disconnect some students might have. Not that this takes anything away from the story necessarily or the imagination of the book, it is just something to keep in mind.

This book is suggested for students between the ages of 4 and 10, and absolutely. The print of this book was quite large and I feel like that might be good for students of younger ages. The different fonts will be entertaining to children of all ages and give them plenty to talk about. The picture details and the story itself will allow for discussion as well. All in all, I would have this book in my class.

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