Friday, August 28, 2009

The Wacky Wedding: A Book of Alphabet Antics written by Pamela Duncan Edwards and Illustrated by Henry Cole

This book was 31 pages long and after five of these reviews I am not surprised! From the very start I knew this was going to be a good book because of the title. Wacky is certainly the word that I would choose to describe this book. The story is about the Queen Ant of the colony and her marriage to one of the other ants. It recounts their journey to the alter. The wedding was perfect, but after that, the Queen falls into a puddle and gets whisked away. She is rescued however, and the celebration continues ending in the happy couple heading off on their honeymoon. Two things that make this book very special are that it is alphabet themed and the pictures. The alphabet theme is wonderful for the obvious reason that it will help students to learn their letters in a fun way. In addition, the fact that the author had to use every letter made for some amusing sentences. For example, " "Dear me!" cried a dragonfly. "Disgraceful" declared a drone in disgust." The pictures are very detailed and humorous. All of the bugs have great expressions on their faces, which was one of my favorite parts. It was also very impressive that the author was able to find a different bug for every letter!

Since this book is about the alphabet it would probably be more appropriate for younger students who are just starting to learn about letters. I believe that students will really respond to this book because of the comedy plus the words are really pretty silly. Plus the pictures have so much detail, there are a lot of opportunities for discussion and for kids to point things out.

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