Friday, August 28, 2009

Dooby Dooby Moo by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin

This story was 37 pages long. I am beginning to feel that children's books are longer than I remember! Anyway, this book really didn't feel long because the story and pictures were so entertaining. The story here is about Farmer Brown and his animals who are secretly very talented. Little does Farmer Brown know, but the ring leader of his animals, the duck, has signed everyone up for the County Fair Talent Show. Even though the Farmer tries to spy on his animals, he cant figure out what they are doing, which is practicing. The cows are sing Dooby, dooby, dooby moo and the pigs are doing an interpretive dance, the sheep are singing baa, baa, baa, baaabaaa. In the end they make it to the fair and perform their pieces, but they get mixed reviews from the judges. Then the duck gets up and sings"Born to Be Wild" (or rather quack, quack, quaaaaaaack!) and the judges declare him the winner. For winning, the animals get to bring home a trampoline. This time when Farmer Brown goes to check on them he hears, "Dooby, dooby, BOING" and "Fa la la la BOING" and "Whacka, whacka BOING." The pictures were all watercolor, which I loved. They were all very detailed and comical, another plus.

This was a very silly book and I enjoyed it a lot. I would say that it would be most appropriate for younger readers just because it was so simple. I also really think that students would enjoy the animal noises and maybe reading along with those parts in the book. All in all, it was a fun read that kids are sure to enjoy.

Also! This book is part of a series about Farmer Brown's animals :-)

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