Friday, August 28, 2009

The Bora-Bora Dress by Carole Lexa Schaffer Illustrated by Catherine Stock

This book was 28 pages long and had the most wonderful, fantastical illustrations. They are all done in watercolor and with wonderful detail. The figures are out of proportion but rather than being distracting it lends itself well to the slightly comical tone. The story of the Bora-Bora Dress is about a little girl named Lindsey and her mother who have been invited to a party put on by the little girl's Aunt Fiona. In order to attend the party they have to buy Lindsey a dress, which proves to be difficult as she is something of a tomboy. They try on a lot of dresses and finally Lindsey finds a dress with a parrot, trees and stars on it, she loves it. The most special part to her is a tag that says "Made in Bora-Bora for you". She goes to the party and has a wonderful time in her dress. She is prompted to tell her mother, " "But at a fancy dress-up party," said Lindsey, "I do everything best in my Bora-Bora dress. It was made for me, you know."

I think that this book would be good for students that are a little bit older as it is more reading intensive than some of the other books I have reviewed so far. However, the wording is not particularly difficult and there are quite a few repeated words which is good for learning and remembering. I enjoyed this book. It was humorous and fanciful, the pictures were bright and beautiful and the story was nice, showing the relationship between mother and daughter.

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