Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Your Thoughts...

I really wish that I could go back through elementary school and do it all over again. I want there to be a huge block in my day that is given over exclusively to reading whatever I want, and going to the library and picking out a stack of books. Even though it is impossible to go back in time, this class has really given me a chance to at least go back again and enjoy reading as I did back then. I have been given a chance to revisit classics and favorites and I have enjoyed every minute of it. As an added bonus I have been able to discover new books and new genres that I had never seen or thought about before. I have also been given a chance to look at how I can use reading and books in my classroom. I think that this has honestly been my favorite class so far this semester, first because I get to read awesome children's books. And second because I got the choice of which books I would read. This is one thing that I will for sure carry with me as I go into the teaching field. I will remember how good it felt to be able to choose what I wanted to read.
I don't know if I have really been able to make up my mind about what makes a good children's book. I think though that perhaps, there is no such thing as a bad children's book, but there is such a thing as an inappropriate book. A good book for one student may be too adult or too advanced for others. It does not make it bad, it just makes it not the right book for everyone.

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