Saturday, October 31, 2009

A/I/P Eve Bunting

Eve Bunting was born December 19, 1928 in a small village in Norther Ireland called Maghera. She grew up surrounded by the love of reading, her father would read her poetry and her mother opened up a small library out of their home. She was also always surrounded by traditional Irish folktales, many of which have found their way into her books. When she was young, she was sent to boarding school. Unlike most kids who are sent away to school, Eve was happy where she was. She made many friends who became as close as family to her. Later on in college, she met a man named Ed, who she would go on to marry. She and Ed moved to Belfast for a time, but later decided to leave the area with their three kids. Ed's brother suggested that the coupld move to the United States, and so they did. The Buntings settled in Pasadena California. It wasn't until they had moved to the U.S. that Eve began writing. She took a writing class at a local community college that inspired her. Just three short years later, in 1972, Eve had her first book published. It called The Two Giants. In this book, we see the first of Eve's Irish heritage shining through, something that will become a common theme throughout her career. From that time on, Eve was an author. To date she has written well over 200 books and novels for children of all ages, pre-school to teen. Eve prides herself on writing something for every child, "I like to write for every child," Eve has said. "For every age, for every interest. That is why I have such a variety of books -- from pre-school, through the middle grades and beyond." These days, Eve and Ed live in Los Angeles, where, thankfully, she continues to write.

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