Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Okay I set out to read what I am certain would have been a wonderful Eve Bunting novel this week, but I just couldn't. Not when Hush Hush had just come out on Thursday. In true book nerd fashion, I went out and bought this book the day after it came out because I have had my eye on it for several months now. I finished all 391 pages in a single evening, and to be honest I wish that I would have read it slower so that it would have lasted longer. This would have been impossible though as the action was just that fast paced. In this story we have Nora, an average teen with her fair share of emotional baggage and a best friend named Vee. Then there is Patch, a senior transfer student with a mysterious past and a love of dingy pool halls. The only thing Nora (and us) knows about him is that he seems to know just a little too much about her personal life and he has an enormous V shaped scar on his back. SPOILER: We come to find out as the book progresses that the scar on Patch's back is actually from when he was cast out of Heaven for falling in love with a human woman. For his love, he "fell" and has his wings ripped off (yikes I know!) After a long time wandering the earth miserable and alone, he discovers that he has two options. He can either take the life of a human and become human OR save a life and become their guardian angel. That person? Nora, naturally. If that wasn't complicated enough, Patch isn't the only one who may have it out for Nora. I cant tell you what happens in the end, but if you have been following my blog you know about my affinity for forbidden love, and could probably guess what Patch decides to do and why :-)

This book was suspenseful and wonderfully written. The emotions are real and artfully described. Like most of the other novels I have reviewed, Hush Hush falls into the Twilight category for age. In other words, if you would encourage your students to read the fourth book in the Twilight series then this would be no problem. Is there kissing? Yes. Semi-adult emotions? Yes. Nothing explicit though.

Also! If you read this and enjoy it. I would HIGHLY recommend The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

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